2006 PanAmerican     Championships
Brad Hatcher Gold Medal , Carlos Rigerio Luna, silver Medal,
Bronze medal winner Marcos left before we could get Pics
Man he looks good in Gold
We will post more pics over the next few days so check back
Winning the Final Match
The Stand up, Carlos got me with a good throw
I ended up in 1/2 guard for several Mins. He had good base and I could not sweep him. He passed my guard for about 2 seconds and I got him back in Guard
I finally got him back in Guard and set up a sweep, I passed his guard and then got cross side. I got Knee on Belly once and then just attacked from top.
Working my top game trying to choke him, He was really strong.
Working the gi for a choke that the match ended with, he was really close to tapping out when time expired, he had a illegal grip on me and I had a hard time breaking it, the ref never said anything about it
Raul, who was taking Photo's missed my other match and there is no Pics for it. It was about 75 seconds and he tapped out from a Gi loop/choke from guard.
Raul Fighting in the Purple belt Light weight, He lost his first match 2-0, but he lead the whole match and got swept the last 20 seconds of his fight.
After the tournament
Brad and Saulo
Carlos Valente, Brad and Andre
Andy had a great match, He got a bye in the first round and lost by judges decision 2 adv.- 2adv.He fought a great match. The guy he fought ended up winning the Bronze.
Wilson, Brad, Raul