Eric Silver,Chris Saunders and me
FEB 2004 promotion Jeff-Purple,Scott Baileu-Blue,Me, Tony Campbell-4th stripe white, Paul 3rd stripe blue
Tim,Paul,Nate and Me
Leanardo,Casey Oxendine,J.Hosford,Soneca and ME
Luiz and Me
Big Dave Terry working on my guard
Claudio and me
Kara Karnupakis-Blue belt and me
Mike and Kerri
Me and Jeff gets his free-style BB
Tim,Luiz and Matt
Promotions 10/4/ 2003 Luiz, Mark, Jr,Nate,Leon and me
Rockson and Rickson and me back in 1998
Tony gets his blue
DAve Terry and me
Nic,Joel,Chris Saunders , me and Josh et there blue belts in 2001
BJJ seminar Luiz and me in the Front March 2005
Pedro Sauer and Me in May 05
  Some of my pics over the Years and some good friends
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Mickey,Me Pedro,John and Matt
Mr. Hatcher and one of his Students Rick Sparks, Rick won the 05 Worlds in Brazil
Brad with Relson
Me and Saulo at the Arnolds 2006
Amanda gets her Blue belt 6-13-06
Brad and Saulo at the Pan Ams
Brad, Raul and Soneca after Training in Knoxville
Hatchers Martial Arts